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Title: Trinn's Latest
Post by: Howey on October 17, 2016, 06:53:36 pm
Quote from: Trinnity;1176741
this is in The Mosh so there are no restrictions on what can be said

...on November 10. I was doodling around the web ran across a mention of site ranking and went to that ranking site. I plugged in some forum names, and found this:

Our former sister site (I was a mod there), that this place evolved from , thanks to @ADMIN's generosity:

thepoliticalforums.com - The Political Forums
worth: $ 3,919

this forum...
thepoliticsforums.com - The Politics Forums
worth: $ 83,227

politicalhotwire.com - political hotwire - political forums
worth: $ 327,214

And yet we have triple the traffic of both the other forums. Our forum and the former sister site are of similar age. PH is much older and in a long and ongoing decline, and our former sister site is doing better than PH. So, do these ranking sites really mean anything?

What do you think?

What a petty bitch.

Title: Re: Trinn's Latest
Post by: paddymcdougall on October 17, 2016, 09:04:24 pm
too much time on their hands?