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Title: Will Daytona police be getting a visit from Crump....
Post by: betteroffhere on June 24, 2021, 07:13:35 am
Will civil rights attorney Crump  travel to florida to defend a suspect involved the shooting of a

daytona police officer...based on civil rights violations recorded by the officers body cam ?

Will attorney Crump attempt to establish a self defense...defense...sighting that the vehicle was on private property and

that a suspicious vehicle is not a crime...or justification for civil rights right violations as recorded on the officers body cam...

And that the officers actions instigated the resulting actions taken by the suspect...and had the officer not violated the

suspects rights by attempting to physically detain the suspect by placing both hands

on the future suspect when no apparent laws had been broken...nor was any explanation of a crime having been committed...

given to the soon to be defendant...providing the suspect makes it safely to jail and

processed through the court system for a fair trial ?

Our prayers go out to the officer injured and his family members

BOH... reporting ...in a upside down world to the backwards facing masses...