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October 25, 2020, 07:14:56 am
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1  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: systematically suppressed.... on: April 05, 2020, 09:04:33 am
BOH reporting....

A movement... has begun to surge behind the scenes...

challenging the media and government's repetitive use of the phrase

social distancing...according to reports...

So... BOH news division,dispatched reporters to investigate and found that

A.S.S.H.O.L.E.S. were prepared to deliver a substantial package of signed petitions

requesting that personal distancing be used in place of the current social distancing phrase ...

Here is an excerpt from A.S.S.H.O.L.E.S. twitter account :

"This crisis is an issue of Personal Distancing, not Social Distancing
Support the movement to insure proper use of terms and phrases by signing the petition

and share with everyone that you are a supporter of

Advancing Systematically Suprressed Harbingers Of Lamely Expressed Stereotypes

I wouldn't believe it...if i hadn't wrote it....

submitted by

a reporter to embarrassed to sign the report but not the petition...
2  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / stimulusly stimulated.... on: March 30, 2020, 06:11:37 am

Stimulusly stimulating...a...simulated simulation theory

Begin MRI Stimulusly Simulating Simulation

Run DISK...


begin data dump of test subjects mental activity...


excerpt's from a springtime 2019 conversation between co-vid 18 and
co-vid 19 transcribed for print...

scroll..... = co-18

scale.... = co-19

When does a leak become a creek...stream....river...
when does the control over the potential power become a player...
before the leak becomes a creek or
before the stream becomes a river...

the essence of the leak gives cause to potential power and begins the
secondary process of resistance to effect some control over the initial
potential...the larger the scaling the greater the effort or more
expansive the resistance at each level in scaling...that being said...
and i don't know why...

has this been happening the entire time...and
i could not see it...hear it...taste it...smell it
could i have ignored the feeling of it...
i guess... i'll just enjoy the swim...

Was recorded just prior to the vials being separated for processing.



RUN... transcribed excerpt of a captured interaction between the left side of subjects brain and the right side....

data dump in process...


acting as an arm chair conspiracy analyst without direction from anyone
or any organization...absolutely no outside influence i will preface this post

with the following disclaimer...789

facts introduction...

ny times runs a story

using content

...explore content....

Content of Contents as follows

Video with audio

Authenticity Verification report...

Currently Unable

The time of recording of the video and or audio cannot be accurately
determined or verified

Content of video

Under Review

preliminary notes :

Person in Hospital setting
wearing hospital related attire
in motion traversing location
extreme distress conveyed

Content of audio

Under Review

Intent of content...


Ok...Search for data related

transferring....one moment


Original Digital Data Analysis Department....oddad...odd ad

Continuing meta data search

Virus and Vote

retrieving data

john mark dougan ...exiled in russia....
former... palm beach cop claims

He has found...exposed...whistled a tune on
voter fraud in florida...100K dead voters on the rolls
A thousand voted last election or something



youtube video index page



END Stimulusly Stimulating Simulation

Load new disk...

And now for some NEWS from around the nation

via some independent unsanctioned investigative journalists....

video reports from the street...

This weeks Street of Gold reporters are from....

Oregon...California....New York

Reports under 7 days old as of publishing...

Run Reports...

brandon farley....Portland...sometime here in march


crowd source the truth...jason goodman...new york city


youtube video index page link for jason goodman


SLO observer...san louis obispo california






corona timeline per George Webb... truthleaks investigative reporting


youtube video index page link for George Webb


mcduff....with George Webb content

youtube video index page link


amazing polly...youtuber...researcher


youtube video index page link for amazing polly


MRI results complete....there isn't enough brain cells present to justify the nutritional

expense to warrant value for this particular human resource




Seed The Soul...Seed The News Hole....See The News WHOLE...

the sudden desire to buy a new kia soul is what i feel like doing for some reason

...Holden Bach reprocessing what other have reported...2020

Brought to you by

The Distress 'N' Duress News Outlet

in conjunction with the fine folks at YOUTUBE

To which this broadcast wouldn't have been possible

We would also like to thank you...the valued reader of said content

for making this worth the efforts...without your research and

undying belief that you will some day profit off this astounds me

Sending out...

A wish for
Potential to ALL...in this time of crisis
3  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Tolerance Testing... on: March 25, 2020, 02:59:52 am
Tolerance Testing...

allegedly leaked from BOH Global

This is just a test...a test of tolerance


Objective 1 :

Generate and accumulate data critical to intelligence, regarding
a global crisis shutdown of all transportation systems, through a scheduled
series of implementations, designated by the specific directions in accordance
with the outline of the parameters involving this exercise...

Objective 2 :

Objective 3 :

Mass collection of DNA samples to increase the Global DNA Data Base
from 64 percent to 82 percent under Project : CLASSIFIED





BOH Reporting...or not...could be, just making shit up...

Re Booting....

Please stand by ...

Page 2

why hasn't the emergency broadcast system been activated and
used to dispense information on a national scale ?

need to investigate what is required to activate that system put in place
to instruct and inform the american people that may not be fully aware of
the current slash active situation...


Confirm Stock purchases of vitamin companies

Initiate: The Empowerment Stability Taskforce (T.E.S.T.)

acquire domains under the news and media division,

Bolt action news group
Empowerment project investment club
Cooperative community compliance project
Aggressive promotion(al) events
Liberties enforcement foundation team
Media arts dispatch...


cue clearance denied...

all maroon highlighted words are links to a variety of youtube videos...
due to the current lockdown situation...i thought you might enjoy em'

if so...hit the like button...give it a thumbs up...also
don't forget to subscribe and activate the bell...so you'll receive notifications
of the fastest growing weekly publication produced monthly...
4  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: Social distancing doesn't apply... on: March 19, 2020, 05:43:23 pm
To the fla governor giving a public address about covid-19

standing at the podium touched his face multiple times...D'oh

and the government officials standing behind him during the announcement  did not practice the social distancing

that they are promoting....demanding even...

whats up with that...mixed messages...don't do as we do...

just do what we say....oh....k

BOH reporting...
5  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: Social distance learning...2020 on: March 19, 2020, 06:27:39 am
i dont blame anyone for not wanting to venture over to general discussions...

so i will bring what i posted over here...

dated April 23 2019...portion that important and i quote

If elected as president...i promise to do my best too...

to protect our nations teaching force and promote education...

and i will do this by eliminating the necessity of physical public school buildings...

ushering in the virtual public education system...providing all public school children

with virtual head gear and a laptop...

thusly preventing any future school shootings of students or faculty...

teachers would have a secured building that they would live stream virtual classes...

parents wouldn't have to worry about their kids being bullied...kidnapped at the bus stop or walking to school

the various governments...fed,state and local...would save the tax payers revenue on all levels

no buses...savings...no fuel for said buses...savings...etc...etc

the savings or portions of said savings could be diverted to social security...

health care...or back into the tax payers pocket...open for discussion

open for discussion under the topic... game changers...in the general discussion board
6  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Social distance learning...2020 on: March 19, 2020, 06:07:32 am
Steve Barrett from WFTV channel 9 reported ,this morning at or around 6 am, about social distance learning...

Classes being taught via online...during this virus outbreak...virtual learning for safety concerns

hmmm...where have i heard about, something like that before...

crap...crap...crap...can't link to it...so

go to General discussions

topic... if i had the ability...

scroll down to the 15th post and you can can read it for yourselves...

Brought to you by...
BOH and the crystal ball of the future
7  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: for the love of money...down memory lane on: February 18, 2020, 03:24:52 am
I will neither confirm nor deny...that I... had any part in the filing off of serial numbers

from weapons that were collected through the kicks for guns program and then sold to

a california based distribution center and subsequently transported to chi naaaah... not

at any time during the many years of those sponsored events

I will neither confirm nor deny i ever had any dealings with following individual...

for anything relating to the activity leading to their incarceration...

In honor of bruce lee's Uncle Lee...we reflect on a former state senator...

and possible distant cousin to the above mentioned...thru marriage of course

democrat leland yee of califonia....

Oh Yee of lel faith CLICK HERE

HEY....I;m} making myself laugh at least
8  Politikal / Political News and Election Coverage / Dems people are either connected or embedded... on: February 15, 2020, 04:22:18 am

Holden Bach reporting from an undisclosed location...transdimentionally accessing the residual

echo's reverberating across the multidimensional fabric of times and spaces...

What does the energy have to share with me slash us tonight...

but...wow...a lot of static on this frequency tonight...let me try another one

but...gig...butt gig...hmmm....buttigieg....buttigieg....

navy reserve intelligence officer...2009 thru 2017
speaks 7 different languages...very valuable for covert operations...or takedowns

Oh great energy source....show me...was buttigieg a participant in the iran nuclear deal...back in 2009 ?

No...i don't want a malt....wth...

malt... malta...oh...malta, i know of that place...what a background that place has...

butglitch's family is from malta...and he's spent time there also...makes me think

knights of malta...wonder of their is a connection...

something about language schools in or around a horn in africa or something...

training operatives...odessa....wow

i'm gonna have to unhook from this frequency...so much data

to sort through...

short synopsis : Plant,

buttiglitch could possibly be, deep state embedded and chose by said state to promote

up the ranks to the highest rank, to regain control of the power positions and lucrative

financial rewards undercover of covert operations and world politics...Energy resources

Team Sea I Aye....what...i'm losing the connection...

Please stand by...this psychic is currently experiencing technical difficulties...

LINK]https://twitter.com/thaaak?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor]LINK has been lost...end transmission

The opinions of the preceding program does not necessarily reflect the views of BetterNewsForBetterPeople,
but does represent a commercially viable means to generate revenue...and thats the bottom line...

ALL RIGHTS FORFEITED to prevent any and all legal actions...pertaining to this broadcast... BNFBP 2020
9  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / The Matrix reveals Glitches... on: February 08, 2020, 07:09:58 am
and thus we see...a game of 3 card monte

Iowa Dem Comm has tech issues involving data transmissions via an app

an app, selected by the iowa democratic committee privately...hmm

This newshound smells something fishy...and considering i'm in a secret desert location

presently on another assignment...  i think i yield a little bit of time and attention to

seeing if a glitch can be found...

...and here we go...after a quick look...

Hillary's 2016 campaign staff included...

according to leaked e mails... Michael Halle...director of battleground analytics

Gerard Neimara**...director of product

working together to damage bernies campaign...not nice

James Hickey...engineering manager

who are they today you might wonder...well...back to the app

the app the iowa dem comm elected privately to use...is owned by

ACRONYM... a 501 c3 or 3c or something i think

owner....ok...they own shadow inc who created the app

Well...who is or owns acronym...Tara McGowan...

ready...here we go...

CEO of Shadow Inc***....Gerard Neimara **

COO of Shadow Ync***....James Hickey

lets not forget Michael Halle... all three workred on Hillarity for America 2016

did i mention he....Michael Halle is married to Tara McGowan...ha...

go figure aye...Michael Halle also holds a position as a senior strategist on whos campaign ?

Thats right...BUTTIGIEG's....wow

Buttigieg's campaign paid 42K to shadow inc...interesting...

Iowa dem caucus paid 60+K to shadow inc for services...

Buttigieg...leads with 96 percent reporting...as of the writing of this story...

it would appear....Money Well Spent on top of the right people in the right spots

with the right connections...i'm just sayin....

** KIVA.org connections to people indited for fraud

This has been,...
A BetterNewsForBetterPeople Production

with your Host
Holden Bach

Sources and credits for this broadcast are held in private for patreon subscribers only
Thanks for all your support

in the event any of the above information is incorrect or you have a dispute about it...

Please leave a comment and a qualified representative will address any said issues
at some point i am almost sure.

Correction....*** Shadow Inc replaces ACRONYM
10  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: The Bank of Constitutional Disillusion... on: December 27, 2019, 05:28:17 am



To :  ALL

All Internet Activities are hereby suspended until further notice...

This includes the entire family of BOH Worlwide, Its Holdings, Partners, Affiliates, Subsidiaries, Divisions, and Contractors

BOH INTERNATIONAL has filed a request with our Free Internet Security App. (F.I.S.A)

to determine if BOH was hacked. Pendinng the F.I.S.A. report, BOH will continue to investigate every possible

option leading to this security breach. Which also includes but is not limited to the following....

Collecting the data from the Management Of Registered Electronics and Security Hazzards Intelligence  Team
(M.O.R.E.)  (S.H.I.T.)

To establish a possible connection to insider leaking or an out right attempted whistle below her.

Our Internet Security and Infrastructure Safety (I.S.I.S.) team has forwarded all pertinent information

to the Covert Operations Protection Service (C.O.P.S.).

The release and publication of private e mails and documents will not be tolerated,

BOH makes no claims verifying, qualifying or denying any of the above posts with regards to the

content suggested, implied or asserted.

Until further notice...ALL communications are to be processed via fax machine


Ouda Kuntrol
Assistant Security Supervisor (A.S.S.)
11  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: for the love of money... on: December 23, 2019, 04:39:15 am
12  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: The Bank of Constitutional Intrusion... on: December 22, 2019, 06:20:27 am

From : O.O.P.S.  (Office of Operational Procedures and Safety)

To :  The Director In Charge (D.I.C.) of Research and Development

In regards to Project : B.I.T.C.H. (Biological Integration of Technologies to Control Humans )

The beta test of this project will be shared by and with the

L.O.A.D.  (Logistical Operations Assessments Division) of
C.R.A.P.  (Critical Response Advertising and Promotions)

Pending the approval of S.H.I.T  (Sensitive Human Interaction Team)

Applicants will be selected through a sliding scale determined by levels according to

P.O.O.P.  (Pissed Off Over Politics) , an outstanding independent subsidairy of BOH Holdings LLc

All further communications will be handled through Lee Vin Dumps  out of our

Asian Special Services (A.S.S.)  division headquarters.



Ian Cog Kneetoe
Director for
Community Internet Affairs

13  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: The Bank of Constitutional Disillusion... on: December 22, 2019, 04:32:05 am
14  Politikal / Welcome to Bizarro Amerika! / Re: The Bank of Constitutional Disinformation... on: December 14, 2019, 04:57:17 am
BOH Limited Holdings Inc.

From:  Director of A.S.S. 
           ( Acquisitions and Special Services )

To :     All Department Heads of C.R.A.P.
            ( Creative Resources and Asset Protections )   

Regarding* : Proposal 30 - 45 project reference name

The  M.I.L.F.
(The Movement to Influence Liberty and Freedoms )

Is requesting FINAL Estimates for the probable operating budget and
expected expenditures including the D.I.C.K. Program.
(Disinformative Internet Consortium of Kingpins)


BOH Enterprises LLC  Retains Maintains and Reserves , ALL RIGHTS
including and or not withstanding anything approaching, simulating or otherwise resembling
Intellectual Property


Affa Davitted
Managing Director of S.H.I.T
Selective Homogeneous Intragraded Taskforce

* acronyms are links to gifs for an enhanced experience under orders of BOH B.I.T.C.H.
(Bored of Internet Technologies for Competitive Hacking)
15  Welcome to Bizarro Amerika / Wuzup? / Re: Hi jinks... on: December 14, 2019, 01:45:31 am
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