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January 25, 2022, 05:24:12 pm
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1  Welcome to Bizarro Amerika / Introduce Yourself! / Re: so... on: February 17, 2011, 05:40:03 pm
Stop the ride! I'm gonna be sick!

Must've been the gerkin juice. LOL!
2  Welcome to Bizarro Amerika / Introduce Yourself! / Re: so... on: February 16, 2011, 06:31:01 pm
gerkin juice +5

It was awful... Do not try this at home, kids!
3  Welcome to Bizarro Amerika / Wuzup? / Re: stuck on: February 10, 2011, 10:26:33 pm
I'm back.  Write away.

How's that lady who's house burnt down?  Burnt boat, burnt house.  Stoopit donation.  Looking back... what help WAS that?

4  Welcome to Bizarro Amerika / Introduce Yourself! / Re: so... on: February 10, 2011, 10:14:50 pm
 I want my towels back, and I want my

So sorry... I guess I need to finish that "sentence".  Here you go *LOL*:
  • laundry room
    back porch
    back porch table and bar/storage
    window boxes
    carport side garden
    kitchen and that's a whole other bullet-point
front porch
guest room and all furniture contained therein (except that bed)

gawd... I'm a wannabe emptynester. Oh, HELL YA!!! Thought NOT finished.  I made a new drink. LOL!

I am really REALLY trying not to be a bitch, but...

Don't use MY bathroom rugs at your bedside
If I buy something, don't use it without asking *a la potting soil and pots*
Let's not plan a meal together and then you not eat it
stop using my towels/washcloths/anyfuckingthing
use less of your own towels
pick up your man's (my son's) scrunchie/ponytail holder thingies - this is a HUGE issue, that will be mentioned again, I'm sure...
do laundry conservatively, empty the lint strainers (wet and dry)
stop changing clothes three times a day...and washing them every time you wear them for an hour
Please, put the Windex back where it belongs
I lived here first.  It's my kitchen.  I want things put back where I put them.
Do no use my good towels to wash the dogs (his bad, not hers).
Get your GED
Get your driver's license
Go to school - ON YOUR PARENT'S DIME
Get your own damn auto insurance - you're not living here free... oh shit... wait... you ARE!
Get your man (my son) to get a fucking job!

Holy shit.. I need to stfu!  But I have y'all and you can skip me if you want to.

Howie - sometimes you really DO ge what you wished for, huh 

5  Welcome to Bizarro Amerika / Introduce Yourself! / so... on: February 10, 2011, 09:20:48 pm
a/k/a Mama Juggs in the hizzouse.  That's not a word, I don't even know why I used it... Yukking it up, I suppose.  Not feelin' it...

So, anyhow... Howie recruited me from Facebook on the ruse of something cooking (in my kitchen), but to tell you the truth, all I've been doing lately is drunken Farmville-ing.  *yawn*  I'm really, REALLY living an old life.  I don't even go to the grocery store any more!

Anyhow, we'll see how long I hang with y'all.  Haven't been very experimental in the kitchen lately since John retired and is now my house-husband. This would be WONDERFUL if he were 40, rich, and hottttt, but reality is that he's 63 and he's mine. Smiley    Thank God that we are best friends.   Don't know what I'd do without him.  Anyhow, I get what he cooks when he cooks it.  The menu varies from pork and mashed, to chicken with rice, to beef and mashed, or fried fish and macaroni/cheese most of the time.  On weekends, I sometimes make something, but it's mostly breakfast or leftover miracles. Nobody wants that except me.

Salad is something I make only for myself these days, and there's never any good shit (can I say that here?) to put into it (read: WALNUTS or RASBERRIES... FETA? AHHHrugula?Huh???).  The other day I took some pretty old radishes, cut them up, and put them in dill pickle juice, gerkin juice, and pepperocini juice.  They all tasted great the next day, but now the refrigerater smells like farts.  I don't clean out the fridge any more because I have "a guy".  He'll either do it tomorrow and/or I'll do it/finish it on Saturday.

I have a bad tooth.  I was told 10 years ago, when I had great dental insurance, that it needed to be replaced.  Because it wasn't done, it's now leaking whatever makes it hurt into the root.  This includes hot, cold, sweets, and anything else that touches it (my tongue).    The straw is my friend!  Munching isn't for the faint of heart.  We had velveeta/Rotel dip for the Super Bowl.  Yee haw.  It didn't hurt if I chewed on the right side of my mouth.

We still have the 20 year old out of work son living here, and since about Thanksgiving 2009, we have his off the grid 18 year old girlfriend who works for her father's girlfriend under the table.  We are also housing her dumb perky two year old lab.  1 hour showers with steamy hot water isn't something I've done or paid for in years.  I want my towels back, and I want my

We are living in the negative and it is not fun.  Ergo I am not very happy go lucky any more.  I'm working for a company who manages nursing homes and I do the corporate accounts payable for 13 facilities.  I make okay money and I'm thankful to be there.  I really, REALLY like what I do.  Just changed cubicles and now I'm "over there" by myself.  Productivity has increased and stress has waned.  This is most appreciated.  On the other hand, I think they cut me off of Pandora.com affair.  It was awful today, not to hear my Buddhist, mideastern, 70's or classical music played very loudly in my headphones.  Earbuds suck the wax outta your inner canal, people!  I like the kinds with the spongy thingies.

A lady I was vaguely acquainted with who lived in the neighborhood ran away and committed suicide this week.  They found her body in the woods nearby.  I tried to get hit by a train once over there, but I took a bunch of pills instead.  Yee haw 2000!  All I did was shit myself and sleep for a week before I got Baker Acted.  Anyhow, that din't work, so I'm still here.  Suicide-fail.  "Its just another day" and it can be good or bad or you don't give a shit.  Most times, I don't give.  A shit.  About much of anything. Other times, I'm overly opinionated and vocal about it.  I don't give a shit.
So... John and I are now recluses due to this family's economy, among other things.  Thank Brighthouse for the DVR.  Holy MOLY!  I'd kill him if we didn't have that... We watch NCIS, Private Sessions, America's Test Kitchen, Hot In Cleveland (only me), Southland, CSI (Vegas only), and Justified, among other things.  I tape a lot of things from PBS, mostly gardening and music.  Live TV includes Food Network and Cooking channel, HGTV.

I'm on an everyothernight cocktail schedule. Tonight is an on night for me. Y'THINK?!? Drink of choice is a 10-count Smirnoff Vodka with Diet Coke in a large glass (with a straw).  I take a toke if I have it.  On a not-drinking evening, bedtime is about 8:00 p.m. or earlier.  Tonight, the caffeine in the soda will take that past 10:00 p.m. and here I am... PUI'ing still... Some things never change.

P.S.  NOT edited, obviously.  PUI.  I think I'm going to make something in the kitchen... prolly another drink. Smiley
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