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Author Topic: RULES  (Read 822 times)

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« on: September 15, 2012, 02:02:19 pm »


Since we can't just leave the rules open and vague...Here's a few guidelines..

This is an adult content forum that may and probably will contain sexist, racist, homophobic, pornographic and adult quips.. but, out and out malicious racism, sexism, homophobia and vileness will not be tolerated and will be judged and dealt with on a case by case basis at the Mod/Admins discretion.. Whether that means editing the post or simply deleting it will be decided by the moderators/admins.

Since we are a representative democracy here, infractions reported will be dealt with by Howey or ekg. We do not believe in banning someone who occasionally crosses the line, yet constant and persistent trollish behavior will result in a suspension from the Town Hall for a period to be determined by Admins..  That's not to say there will be no perma-bans. For the most part though, we'll strive to use that option last and after other options have been exhausted.

Trolling will also not be tolerated. If you're not sure what trolling is, here is a great link for the definition.. Trolling Defined

If this behavior is noticed, we will decide whether to edit or delete the post. If it continues, we will use other means to remedy the situation. Including making hideous use of Admin powers to utterly mock the hell out of you and make you cry for your mother, whilst laying on the floor in a fetal position.

Harassment will also not be tolerated.

Threats.  Listen, we all get heated sometimes but if there are any threats made to people on this board, the threat will be saved, the users IP and information also saved and then the 'threat' deleted and some kind of sanction place upon the abuser. If the threat is made on a larger scale, the appropriate actions and alerts will be taken.  It's idiotic to have to say any of that, but in this day and age.. people are saying more and more lunacy on forums, facebook, tweets.. and thinking they just have the free-speech right to spew forth as they see fit. They don't. Religion and politics bring out the passion of people discussing them. As a free nation, we're given the right to Free Speech by the Constitution. Free Speech, however, comes with it's limits. Let's try to be civil when discussing issues that we're passionate about..OK. I don't really want the FBI or Secret Service going through the board.


We know that there are many things said on this board, as well as on others, that not only do we not agree with but really piss us off. We're not going to edit or delete them just because we don't agree with the opinion... (of course when it's a troll, well all's fair imo..see above.)
I'm talking about someone using words we might not like.. or having beliefs we might not agree with..Of course we can edit, delete and ban this stuff...but then we've only established a Dictatorship and surrounded ourselves with sycophants that agree and dote on every word we say..  Sorry, but that's just too boring... we all enjoy being challenged and sometimes, even by a profanity-laced diatribe..

If this type of interaction gives you a chill, this might not be the place for you. We will not edit/delete/ban a member who offends us by using strong language, nor will edit, delete, ban them because they offend you with strong language. .

If the words "strong language" gave a chill.. this might not be the place for you.

Will people be called names? probably. Will profanity be spewed? Yes. Will grammar and punctuation be mauled.. it already has been..  We're supposed to be adults. We watch rated "R" movies. Let's not pretend being called a fucking lunatic has damaged our delicate state of being... I don't know of any member yet who hasn't seen boards that are worse, or not joined in a said things that are worse.

At the same time.. if... 'Stop being so literal' works as well as 'you're a fucking lunatic'.. well then c'mon..? Can't we all get along and play nice?

Ultimately we strive for a 'live and let live' philosophy. We're not going to be happy with you 100% of the time and you will not be happy with us 100% of the time. But when reporting a post ask yourself..

1)Does this post offend my delicate nature or is it going to get the board in some kind of (legal) trouble?

2)Is this post completely, totally, and entirely politically incorrect or is it actual malicious racism,sexism,homophobia,violence-inducing,threatening.... etc.

If the latter, then yes.. report it. Please!
If the former?  see above.

NSFW. If it's a nudity or a grotesque photo..We reserve the right to edit it. I'm not saying we will because the community can take care of that on it's own.. But please put a large red NSFW alert somewhere in the title of the thread warning people something that could piss their boss off or something their kids shouldn't see is coming up.

Spamming.. will be deleted. If you want to post a link to another site.. and are unsure if that site is acceptable.. ask yourself "would my mother approve".. HA!, No.. use your adult brain and decide. If still not sure, ask..

Spoilers. We have a decent pop-culture section here that discusses everything from books, movie, tv shows and radio programs. And we play 'spoilers' in some of these. But please let people know that spoiler is coming up so they can opt of reading that post/thread.

Board sections are clearly marked. If you're not sure if you post fits in with that section..no problem. We can move it for you or just ignore it and let it play. Truthers, Birthers, Monsanto-ers.. we have a section for you.. and those kinds of post will be moved into that section.

Discussions. We believe some of the best discussion comes when threads veer off into wholly other directions. Staying on topic is awesome, but not always attainable.

With these there are other 'rules of etiquette' that I'm not going to list.. but that will be apparent at some point and time..these are 'Board-community related' and 'Board-community enforced' types of things..and as with any new place, you will figure them out as you go along.

Reporting posts.

Yes, I've talked about what to ask yourself. But a post might not fit into those two questions. It may not fit in with a threat or harassment or trolling.. it might be NSFW or it could be the spoiler for the end of America's got Talent.. whatever. If you're unsure by all means report the post. Since the Admins also work or have lives outside the board, we may not get back to you immediately but we will get back to you or look into the reported post and decide what to do with it.


The Mods and Admins of the board are people you interact with. They don't expect preferential treatment, nor do they expect abuse. 99.9% of the interaction you will have with a 'mod/admin' will be just as if they were regular people without the ability to edit/delete/ban you. Treat them this way. Normal. And for the love of God, don't get all "You're a mod and you're being 'mod-mean' to me." Unless the moderators has put on his/her 'mod-hat' and said "Ok, I'm Admin now".. then no, they aren't being 'mod-mean' to you.. they're being regular ole board-mean to you..

I know.. it's a fine line.. So think of it like we're your brother who is also an FBI agent.. You can joke and kid and play with him.. Maybe you'll yahoo beer on Saturday just like you did when you were a teen-ager. He may smoke a fat joint with you and pee in the fountain downtown.. 100% normal brotherly interaction. But, when he shows up with his FBI jacket and shield.. he's no longer 'brother'... that's when he's Special Agent Brother..and that's when the 'fun' stops.

Think of Mods/Admins in this way.. and you won't feel like 'the man' is after you when you heatedly disagree with each other. But ultimately, we're  the 'dictator' who is either too lenient, which runs people off.. or too strict, which runs people off.. and that's OK.. It's just Darwinism at work. For the rest of us, we can police ourselves 99% of the time, so lets be adult about it.. and strive for a community that we all want to enjoy..

If you feel a Mod/Admin has treated you badly or unfairly.. feel free to talk to another Mod/Admin about it in private message.. Same with the rules. If you don't agree with any of them.. talk to us, that's what we're here for.

and finally.. as with any ever-changing society, issues will arise that will force the editing of  and addition to these rules. Sorry about that but we're not fortune-tellers and can't always see what is going to be said or what is going to happen. .. If and when something comes up that needs to be added, we'll add it..

Thank you for joining..

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Facts are the center. We donít pretend that certain facts are in dispute to give the appearance of fairness to people who donít believe them.  Balance is irrelevant to me.  It doesnít have anything to do with truth, logic or reality. ~Charlie Skinner (the Newsroom)

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